Investment Property Reports

ImageThere is no question that throughout your property career that you will be faced by with many different varieties of investment property reports. There is no doubt, they play a significant role in buying property.

For this reason, it is important to familiarize yourself with investment property reports, as their application determines whether you have the right to sign on the bottom line of a good deal or not. The fact is, you do not have to be smart to buy investment property. It is as simple as signing on a dotted line. However, making money out of investment property can be significantly harder than this. As long as you do your due diligence, abide by your buying rules and follow your risk profile, then you can go further as to making a more education financial decision.

Let’s look at the way we traditionally try to find investment property that will work for us and build wealth for us.

Firstly, We invest our hard earned savings for a deposit to purchase our first property. We then continue to work hard, and perhaps live off baked beans to pay for the repayments in our property, waiting for values to go up. In 7-10 years, the property value may have gone up, and we sell for a profit.

A fairly simple concept to understand, but let’s try and look at things in a different view. Imagine using your negotiation skills to not only win yourself a discount of $50 000, but to also turn that figure into instant equity. It may not make sense to you right now, but that’s because we have a certain paradigm when it comes to buying property.

This psychology has been brought into our lives by over paid accountants who say that we pay too much tax, and as a quick fix, we need to invest harder in “negative gearing.” It is not just accountants however to advocate negatively geared property, but property spruikers all over the country!

The reason we see this, is because it’s so easy to educate people to go and purchase a negatively geared property, because just about every property is!

ImageThere are ways to make money upfront in property, and there are ways to purchase property without using any of your own money. This is not a myth, nor is it a single opinion. It is fact, and it is being done all the time in property. Are you missing out?

What if you could purchase property, and potentially never have to dip into your pocket to afford interest repayments, whilst still benefiting from returns? The number one rule in property, is you make money when you buy.

Investment Property Reports Details:

• Estimated sale prices 
• Listings for suburb 
• How long a property has been on the market 
• Recent street sales 
• Recent suburb sales 
• Photographs

How Can Investment Property Reports help me?

You will benefit from investment property reports greatly, and you can use them as your greatest ally when trying to find the right property for you. Using the right investment property reports, you can make educated decisions on what the likely value may be. This means that you can go into negotiations, armed with information, and you will be able to know your maximum price, and how long the property has been listed for. Investment property reports may not be cheap to come by, but the reality is, you get what you pay for. The prices can range between $20-$5000; come on though guys, cost vs value.

Have you been trying desperately to get in the market, but don’t know how? Don’t know what to look for? If you want to know how to purchase property no money down, learn ways to raise capital, or learn the art of developments and subdivisions, you need to visit us at Beach Sea Pty Ltd for your investment property help.


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