How to turf a new Lawn?

Laying a new lawn is the best way to achieve the lawn you want in a short period of time. The old lawn may be beyond repair or you may be working on a site with no lawn at all.

The steps:

  1. Select a hard wearing lawn suitable for pets and family use. An ideal lawn will be hard wearing like Palmetto.
  2. Measure your lawn are is square meters Length x width and then add 5% for cutting in etc.
  3. Call and book in the new turf for delivery on the desired day once you know how much turf you require
  4. Prepare the area by removing the ruble or existing grass/weeds
  5. Import fresh premium top soil
  6. Level and grade the area so it falls away from the house and removes any trip hazards or hollows so the water will not pool
  7. Apply fertilizer and water crystals on the prepared area before the turf is installed
  8. As soon as the turf is delivered install it immediately, turf is a perishable product and can over heat if there is no sense of urgency upon installation. Best to install within a 12 hr window of delivery
  9. When installing turf lay it in a brick work pattern by staggering the joints.
  10. Roll and water immediately- The quicker it receives water the less the turf dries and stresses out.
  11. Ensure a thorough 2 week watering program with daily watering’s, peel a corner of the new turf over to ensure water is getting all the way through the new turf.

First mow will be 2-3 weeks after installation and only light take the top of the leaf off. Gradually lower mower height to desired height.  For more information about hanceys turf brisbane products and services visit our site today.

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