Choosing the Right Hotel Furniture


Whether you wish to give your hotel a trendy modern look or want to go for more of a traditional look with a British feel, it is highly important to choose the right kind of furniture for your hotel setup. You should be aware that there are many specifications and details that need to be considered when deciding the right kind of furniture for your hotel.

The furniture provides the ambiance and builds the first impression as one enters the hotel. It plays a huge role in the success of the hotel.

Choosing the furniture for your hotel is not as easy like choosing office or house furniture. Even the smallest detail such as which part of the country your hotel is situated plays a role in deciding the right kind of furniture for it. In addition, it has to be appealing to your customers whilst also suiting the hotel’s image.

Different styles of furniture are required for different parts of the hotel. The rooms need to be furnished differently from the coffee shop or the dining area. Again, the office of the hotel needs to have a specific setting. If you have more than one restaurant in your hotel, then they should be furnished differently to set the atmosphere apart. The furniture also depends on the kind of cuisine each restaurant offers.

Then there is the lounge setting, the bar furniture, sitting area, the lobby setting, furniture in the open garden, furniture around in the spa, health club, pool area, sauna and the list is never ending. The furniture that you choose to adorn your hotel with creates the style statement that you wish to portray to your customers.

For example, the lobby of a five star hotel is known for its contemporary style and atmosphere with exclusive and expensive furnishings combined with a flamboyant feature. If it was an ornate and tradition setting it would be a complete misfit for the whole ambiance and the setting and may even turn custom away.

On the other hand, a range of stainless steel bar stools would give that modern stylish look for that untarnished ambiance in the coffee shop! This can be combined with the trendy swivel stools that come with adjustment fittings for height, stainless steel base and polished die cast aluminum seat. You can combine the chairs with either a bistro table or glass table doubled with a stainless steel platform.

Things to look at while choosing hotel furniture:

• Type of look – modern, trendy, traditional or classy

• Clientele – business class, young genre, retired clients, families

• Ambiance – business feel, relaxed, party feel, fun-filled

• Budgeting

• Setting – outdoor or indoor

• Broad specification of the hotel location

• Durability of the furniture used

• Materials used

Proper planning and research will help you buy the best and most suitable furniture for your hotel.

For more information about hotel furniture, please visit us at Resortium Concepts today!


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