ImageSynthetic turf, artificial turf and fake grass are numerous names given to one thing and that is a turf. A turf could be identified as an artificial grass or fake grass and the surface is manufactured by a synthetic fibber. This is something which has been introduced in the market since early 1960 but now if we look at its sales in the market, the product seems to be still new as if it has just entered the market and people are crazy to get it.

It is not because it is cheap though because its need is increasing and in order to identify a perfect turf, the selection has to be made by answering some queries to the frequently asked questions about what makes a turf a perfect turf
In order to make sure about the perfect turf in terms of its usage without causing any obstacle to the consumer of it in future and in terms of price as well. If a turf deserves to be called a perfect turf it needs to pass a test of those queries first which surely strike ones mind before purchasing one. Mostly people ignore this aspect and later on suffer.
Firstly, the buyer should make sure the turf they are buying is not already used and if it used then the price charged should not be equal to the price of first hand turf. Secondly there are several more things to be considered such as, whether the artificial turf is similar to a carpet or an AstroTurf? What is the life expectancy of the product? What type of maintenance should the buyer expect? Does the long term of the sun harm the synthetic grass or make it fade? 

Now out of these several questions that main question is what makes perfect turf stand above the rest of the competition? People; let me tell you that no one can provide the level of quality turf and excellent turf service that perfect turf provides. On the other hand, you should consider the reputation aspect of the firm from which you are going to purchase the product. 

The life expectancy of a perfect turf has been estimated to be minimum 20 years and it will not even last for 10 years if not maintained properly. It has a promising life expectancy if maintained and handled properly.
Further on, there are a few more queries compulsory to be answered before purchasing a perfect turf and considering it to be perfect for use. The consumer should know whether this can be installed over his existing lawn? Can pets harm it? When can the turf be installed, how to clear it, what will happen if utility access or any kind of repair in yard is needed and most of all what about the drainage system? Drainage is compatible to natural grass. 
The turf backing has small perforated holes allowing the water to drain. On the other side, the sand infill absorbs and holds the water until it evaporates.


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