Movable Signs for Effective Business Promotion

Signs and Banners

Different movable signs make a lasting impression on the passers-by and the traffic. Anything moving and interesting to read generally catches the attention of the public and the intended message is delivered successfully.

There are different movable signs that are used by the marketers and advertisers for promotional purpose. Each movable sign has a specific role to play to leave an impression on the minds of the people. Outdoor advertisers make extensive use of signs and banners for promoting businesses and events.

A movable sign is the one that is used on movable vehicles for promotional purposes. In many parts of the world, movable signs are used to establish a new brand or an offer. People whole-heartedly support the idea of movable sign as they easily catch your attention and hold it till the message is read properly.

The fact remains that if we are not able to read the entire message properly while traveling on a vehicle or if the message is imprinted or put up on a moving vehicle, then we become more curious to read it the next time.

Vehicle Graphics

One can find a variety of vehicle graphics in different styles on different vehicles. Many companies prefer to use durable paints on the vehicles to paint their company logo or name of the company along with an interesting business message and use it to capture the attention of the general public. People feel attracted and eager to read the message on the vehicles. These vehicle graphics do not wash away in rain and remain as an outdoor advertising medium for a long time.

Vehicle Magnets

Similar to vehicle graphics, one uses vehicle magnets to promote the name and service of a business. A brand or Products are also promoted through it. A lot of political parties, sports events, rock concerts and even business events are marketed through vehicle magnets. A lot of businesses prefer to use this medium in order to launch a new product in the market or give out information on seasonal offers.

Apart from these, there are a variety of signs and banners used to promote a particular brand or business. The different types of signs and banners play their part in gaining the attention of the passers-by and delivering the message across. People learn about a company, brand and their service through signage solutions.

These provide information about a company and also make their symbols visible in the night as well. One can easily identify a business from a distance with the help of different signs such as light boxes, LED signs, sideboards or sandwich boards, storefront boards etc.

SignVision offers high quality signage solutions. It also offers custom signs and banners to the people in the region.


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